Getting Divorced?
Separating and need to resolve Property and/or Child issues?
Family in conflict?
Involved in stressful Workplace conflict?


Right now, you probably need professional help to support you and assist with respectful, dignified, alternate dispute resolution processes that enable you to be directly involved in positive outcomes. This IS definitely possible in a calm, structured environment, without hostility, that removes your associated stresses and even the possibility of landing up in Court.

Pending your specific circumstances my solutions are respectful, flexible and tailor made to fit your needs. I offer structured mediation, counselling, coaching and/or a collaborative process to assist with resolving the complex issues associated with Separations, Family, Relationship or Workplace conflict.

What is collaborative practice and how will it help you resolve property and children settlements following a separation?

You and your partner sit around a table with your lawyers and a neutral facilitator, while you are directly involved in negotiating your settlements with a focus on child/ren`s needs, if relevant. I provide communication, conflict and/or parenting coaching to you and your partner prior to facilitating these joint meetings, which are attended by you and your collaboratively trained lawyers. (Read more…)

How can mediation help with your family issues?

Is your family split over a particular issue? Is this impacting in an unhealthy way? I provide an opportunity to talk to each of you separately to understand your perspectives, then bring you together to explore the underlying issues in a non-threatening and respectful manner, with the aim of a future focus that resolves these issues. (Read more…)

How can mediation help you enjoy your work again?

Having ongoing issues with a work colleague? Not enjoying work anymore? Workplace mediation resolves daily tensions and can be a healing process. (Read more…)

About me

My name is Sandy Hirschfield and I am an experienced Psychologist, Mediator, Collaborative Practitioner and Human Resources Consultant. I am passionate about helping you to find peace, by providing respectful processes that empower and support you to resolve these challenging times in your life. (Read more…)