What is mediation?

Bringing people together in the same room, with an impartial third person, who assists them  to respectfully and actively listen to one another, explore the issues and move forwards with mutually agreed upon, positive outcomes, forms the basis of a successful mediation. High emotions are managed and a safe, structured environment is provided, which enhances positive communication.

Why use mediation for family conflict?

Ongoing disputes about money, personality clashes, Wills or other family matters, destroy family relationships and have a high emotional and health cost. If all parties are willing, you can all benefit from trying mediation first. Why?

  • You will all be coached to effectively communicate your perspective
  • You will all have the chance to be clearly heard/understood  by each other
  • No-one will be judged by the mediator
  • You will be supported by an experienced and compassionate mediator/psychologist through a respectful process, with a high chance of resolving the dispute
  • Family relationships can be mended
  • You can reduce legal costs in a Separation, by speeding up property settlement and children`s arrangements, prior to seeing lawyers

Why use mediation for work place conflict?


Using an external trained mediator gives you:

  • A chance to heal a working relationship, following a workplace complaint or investigation
  • An opportunity to discuss personality differences or workplace behaviours that are affecting your performance or enjoyment of your work
  • A confidential, supportive process that protects your privacy
  • The chance to enjoy work again


Using an experienced Human Resources consultant who has years of experience as an HR manager, mediator and psychologist provides you with:

  • Counselling support for employees
  • Communication and/or management coaching to assist with constructive discussions
  • Structured mediation and solution oriented processes to manage personality conflicts and unhealthy workplace behaviours
  • Healing process following a workplace complaint or investigation
  • Positive outcomes for a healthy productive work place, that values employees
  • Time to concentrate on your core role and responsibilities