When you divorce or separate, you will need to have a property settlement. If you have children, you will need to decide on parenting arrangements. Collaborative Practice involves a team of professionals, who work together with you both, to resolve your property and children`s issues, in a dignified manner, and away from the court system. This process provides you with a ONE STOP SHOP approach.

The team consists of a family lawyer for each of you, a neutral Psychologist and a neutral Financial professional. We take care of your legal, financial, parenting, emotional and communication issues, through out the process. As the Psychologist in this process, I facilitate joint meetings where we all sit around a table and work through your settlement issues in an orderly, supportive, future focussed and empowering manner. You are actively involved in all discussions, having worked with the relevant professionals between meetings.

Where children are involved, I focus on their best interests, aiming to enhance their well being. Ultimately, your lawyers draw up the legal documents that settle your issues in a more amicable manner, out of court, resulting in a high chance of cooperative co-parenting.