Individually, how will I benefit from Counselling?

  • You will be able to share your thoughts and concerns in a warm and safe environment, with a non-judgemental and caring professional
  • You will be encouraged to explore relevant issues to gain insights and understanding, that will help you move forward
  • You will learn skills and strategies to assist with managing your circumstances
  • You will feel empowered

As a couple, how will we benefit from Counselling?

  • You will have a chance to talk and to be heard, with dignity
  • You will learn to communicate more effectively and to resolve issues constructively
  • You will gain insights into the dysfunctional patterns in your relationship and discover ways to alter that
  • You will enhance your understanding of the challenges in your relationship and develop ways to address them
  • You will work on enhancing the joy and the fun in your relationship

If I am separating, how will I benefit from counselling?

  • You will be empowered with strategies to manage the emotional rollercoaster and communication and negotiation with your ex
  • You will feel confident about managing the children’s issues and concerns
  • You will receive personal support and coaching to better manage the separation process