I am an experienced Psychologist, Mediator, Collaborative Practitioner and Human Resources Consultant. I am passionate about helping you to find peace, by providing respectful processes that empower and support you to resolve those challenging times in your life.

I have over twenty years experience in workplaces and families as a School Psychologist, Counsellor and Human Resources Manager.

During this time, I have also worked at the Department of Justice as a Mediator, for the past 15 years, mediating a full range of issues including:

  • Workplace conflict
  • Wills/estates
  • Neighborhood disputes
  • Family issues
  • Debts
  • Intervention order applications

I have trained as a Collaborative Practitioner, bringing together my skills, knowledge and above experiences to respectfully assist couples that are separating, through a range of independent services:

  • Providing counselling or coaching to manage the separation process
  • Being part of the professional team in a collaborative process
  • Offering independent mediation to couples stuck in their traditional divorce process
  • Providing parenting education and strategies related to the separation process


Given my passion for supporting and empowering people through adversity, I am flexible about providing the most appropriate resolution process, to fit your circumstances. I use a future focus that is solution oriented and practical. My services take place in workplaces, family law offices or private rooms in Armadale.